Yvonne Morris

Sports Massage Therapist

Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage
Cert in Sports Stretch

Since qualifying in 1999, Yvonne has worked with athletes and professionals from all walks of life, including footballers from Birmingham City FC, players from Fiji International Rugby Team, International Polo Players and Professional Golfers. Yvonne has also treated performers and musicians from London's West End.

To further her knowledge, Yvonne has attended several seminars which have included the treating and rehabilitation of shoulder pain; rehabilitation and treating hip pain; kinesiology taping for athletes; onsite chair massage - all of which have helped to not only improve clients mobility but assisted them to go on to achieve great results.

Yvonne's Aim
Yvonne is passionate about biomechanics and posture, helping clients combat longstanding problematic work related issues to stop them from re-occurring.

Yvonne's Hobbies
In her free time, Yvonne loves being active, spending time with her horse, welding scrap into sculptures, volunteering for festivals and hosting tea parties for 'Contact the Elderly'. She also regularly volunteers to work at sporting events such as Race for Life, London to Brighton and the Palace to Palace bike rides.

Yvonne Morris

Client Testimonial
“I have had a treatment today from Yvonne Morris and feel amazing! She successfully manipulated the muscles of my shoulder rotator cuff and released the muscles in my neck, which I noticed were much more relaxed as I was driving home and had a greater range of movement when looking left to right at a junction! Thank you Yvonne!” - MR

Session Fees

Initial Consultation & First Treatment: £55
55 Minute Treatment: £60
45 Minute Treatment: £50
30 Minute Treatment: £35

Yvonne Morris Sports Massage Therapist
Yvonne Morris Sports Massage Therapist