Wrist Pain

There are many different types of wrist and hand pain. We've listed below a couple of the most common causes along with our methods of treatment at Lightwater Health & Chiropractic Clinic`:

Wrist Pain
Wrist Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition is quite well known. It is when the median nerve gets trapped travelling through a tunnel in the wrist known as the carpal tunnel. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be from trauma (such as fracture), repetitive strain or swelling in the wrist, from pregnancy or diabetes and occurs when the nerve is unable to move freely in the tunnel and can become thickened.

Symptoms: Pain and numbness is experienced in the thumb and the first three fingers, as well as weakness of grip.

Treatment: Releasing the pressure on the nerve is vital to improve symptoms. This can be achieved with wrist splints, or other ergonomic aids to assist the causative activities. Nerve flossing techniques, ultrasound, massage and mobilisation all help with releasing the nerve.

Prognosis: This will solely depend on what the cause is and is difficult to give any specific time period.


The wrist is one of the most common places for ganglion to occur in the body. Ganglion are fluid filled sacs that usually appear around a joint or tendon. Most are painless and disappear but treatment can be required if you are experiencing pain.

Symptoms: Pain and numbness is experienced in the hand and in some instances a lump in the wrist is visible. Weakness in the hand, along with a difficulty of gripping objects.

Treatment: Extremity mobilization, dry needling, massage and taping techniques can all help to relieve symptoms. An exercise program and lifestyle advice will also assist to avoid recurrence.

Prognosis: Most ganglions do go on their own, but some may require surgery.

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