Natasha Osgood


MChiro DC

During her school years, Natasha sustained injuries whilst competing in Athletics resulting in the need for her to see a Chiropractor. Extremely impressed with the positive outcome achieved from her treatment sessions and allowing her to return to playing sport, she developed a passion to become a Chiropractor herself. What greater job satisfaction than helping others as you have been helped and Natasha proudly left the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with a Masters in Chiropractic Degree.

Natasha enjoys not only treating athletes in many sports, particularly CrossFit and Weightlifting but also gains much satisfaction in helping all patients improve their quality of life and being able to treat conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches.

Alongside clinic, Natasha has continuously developed her skills. She uses a range of skills including manipulation kinesiotaping, dry needling, rehabilitation, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM) and muscle testing, all which are used to restore optimal join function and to relieve pain.

Natasha's Aim
Natasha believes that exercise, rehabilitation and well-being should be a massive part in health care. She loves being able to get athletes back to good health so they can reach their full potential.

Natasha's Hobbies
When time permits, Natasha competes in CrossFit and Weightlifting.

Natasha Osgood - Chiropractor

Session Fees

Initial Consultation & First Treatment: £60
Follow Up Treatment: £40

Natasha Osgood Chiropractor
Natasha Osgood Chiropractor