Chiropractic treatment involves safe and gentle spinal manipulation to improve joint motion in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly. In addition to manipulation, our chiropractors may also use a variety of techniques including dry needling, soft tissue techniques and tailored exercises.

What to expect:

Your first appointment with us will take up to 1 hour and include:

Chiropractic treatment - What to expect

Follow up treatments will be specific to you and the number required can vary depending on each individual. We will use our experience and expertise to provide the best possible treatment and lifestyle advice.

We specialise in treating the following, along with trapped nerves, arthritis and work related injuries.

Session Fees

Initial Consultation & First Treatment: £60
Follow Up Treatment: £40
Old/New Treatment: £50
Shockwave Treatment:: £60

Chiropractic treatment

Meet our Team of Chiropractors

Jacob Stanley

Jacob Stanley - Chiropractor

Kathryn Edwards

Kathryn Edwards

Kanika Basra

Kanika Basra

Gina Lear

Gina Lear

Natasha Osgood

Natasha Osgood - Chiropractor

Charlotte Barker

Charlotte Barker - Chiropractor