Gina has quite literally changed my life. I'm 38, I had a very traumatic labour with my 2nd baby, and for 4 months after I suffered debilitating back pain. Some days I would have to get someone to let themselves into my house so they could help me up off the floor, I wasn't able to pick my baby up... it was a very painful, upsetting and exhausting time for myself, and my family. I had been referred to an NHS physio who was lovely, but didn't understand the details of the birth so after many sessions wasn't doing anything for me. I was recommend to Gina by my sister in law and although I was very apprehensive, in the first consult alone she knew exactly what and where my problems were. I am now on week 5 of feeling strong and like I am back to being myself, and very much enjoying my life and time with my children. I cannot thank Gina enough, she is amazing and I will be eternally grateful to her.

Jo Brennan

Due to my job as a hairdresser and having poor posture I see Gina every couple of months to maintain my back and to put my wonky pelvis back in line, I have recommended her to several people who feel as I do that she is amazing.
I have had many massages in the past with other companies but nothing beats Fiona's sports massage. when she is done i feel as though she has ironed out every knot in my back. thanks ladies!!

Karen Daborn

Belted out some lovely quick reps last night. (faster than the gym last week ;-)) can only say thank you all for getting me back on track! can only but recommend you!!

Gav Jackman

Highly recommend Lightwater Heath& Chiropractor. Gina really helped fix my frozen shoulder which is now 95% better
Nicholas Buck Design Windlesham Architectural Planning of local homes

Nicholas Buck Windlesham Architectural Planning

THANK YOU! Fi Tyson.... The acupuncture and massage really did the trick. My hand now feels like it belongs to me again and the movement and strength has returned - Hooray! Good work! Massively impressed, thanks again x

Lece Alford

I've just returned from a really fantastic appointment with Jodie. She's transformed my poor neglected feet and I'll definitely be returning for future treatments. Thank you!

Laura Frost

Love this place, Gina keeps my back in shape through sport, childbirth and everyday life. Can't recommend them enough

Rhianne McHale-Ogedengbe

Fiona soon sorted out my very sore neck and back, the deep tissue massage was just the tonic. The feeling of being pain free is pure heaven.

Karen Hurt

I was recommended The Lightwater Health and Chiropractic Clinic by a friend after I fell on ice and hurt my lower back.
To be honest I was very nervous about seeing a chiropractor, but once I met Kanika she made me feel completely at ease and after a few sessions she built my confidence up, and eased the pain and discomfort.
I then decided to see Fiona and have a sports massage with her. She was brilliant and took time to recognise my needs and I left feeling very relaxed and on the mend.
My back certainly feels 100% better and I would totally recommend the therapists and the clinic, it also helps that there are dedicated car parking spaces as I drive from Windsor.
Once over this hurdle, I had heard great reports about Sophie Wedlock who is a nutritionist.
I arranged to meet Sophie to discuss my diet as I am currently about to undergo Chemotherapy.
Sophie is not only an amazing therapist but an inspiration as she has battled with this herself, so has complete humility and understanding of what my journey will be.
We had an uplifting consultation, discussing family history. Lifestyle and the best way to progress with my diet, that would be a long term plan and also recommendations of foods to avoid and introduction of supplements.
My experience and journey through Lightwater Health and Chiropractic has been fantastic.
Thank you Kanika, Fiona and Sophie.

Lesley Jarman

Lesley Jarman

Just want to encourage anyone who thinks they have to live with pain and discomfort that you probably don't! I have had very painful hips for the last two years and was told I had to live with it as it was arthritis. After being treated by Gina and Fi I'm back to running without any pain at all where before it hurt just to go for a walk. Highly recommend!!


I'm hyper mobile, have had some fairly big accidents and frequent patella dislocations in my youth, and I grind my teeth! The consequence of all this is knee, hip, back and shoulder pain that have become quite debilitating, tinnitus, plus frequent migraines not to mention massive dental bills. I had previously been told I would have to "adjust" my lifestyle to accommodate my "physical limitations".
2 treatments with Fi and Gina and they have told me they can pretty much fix my broken body, get me back exercising again, pain free, no tinnitus and potentially no longer teeth-grinding (in only another 2 or 3 treatments) I cannot believe the difference they have made already in just 2 treatments and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Thank you so much ladies...I'm looking forward to being able to go spinning again...bring on the standing sprints!


I have had pain in my hips for a couple of years and was told I couldn't run or even play tennis as it was arthritis. However after being treated by Fi Fi Tyson and Gina I am now pain free! I ran a hilly 10k on Sunday without any pain! Highly recommend!!

Stephanie Dawson, Teacher

Fiona has treated me for various muscular issues over the past year, and has fixed each issue brilliantly. She is professional, friendly, easy to chat to, and most importantly honest as to whether she can help you or not. I've seen other sports massage therapists and Fiona is by far the best, her technique is firm but fair :) so your muscles get a blooming good talking to but at the same time it still feels like a treat! I would thoroughly recommend Fiona to anyone who has a muscular issue, don't be concerned about having to book in for numerous sessions, there is a no pressure atmosphere which I really appreciate. Thanks Fiona, see you again soon!

Ele West

As a professional sportsman I have been privileged to access some of the industry's finest specialists and treatments. Gina has helped me through numerous joint, muscular and back injuries whilst providing general care around injury prevention and rehabilitation. Whatever your issue, I highly recommend Gina to get you back to full fitness

Australia National Goalkeeper
A.F.C Bournemouth

Adam Federici, Premiership Football Player

For someone who is extremely active and has rarely suffered any major joint or muscular injuries I was surprised at how much I benefitted following a course of sessions with Gina. Not only did I manage to return to playing my usual sports, the advice and guidance provided has allowed me to return to the gym and field without the fear of any reoccurring niggles or soreness.

James, Office Worker

Having suffered with ongoing back pains I am so greatful for the treatment, advice and ongoing support I have received from Gina Lear. She got to the route of the problem during my first session and has continued to help improve the pain I used to suffer. I would absolutely recommend seeing her.

Micaela, Mum

Having hereditary back problems used to inhibit my ability to perform at my sport (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). But regular sessions with Gina kept me injury free and able to train and compete for prolonged periods of time without restriction.
Whether it's for a sport specific issue or general body maintenance I can't thank, or recommend Gina enough.
It's also worth mentioning that I visited her for a number of issues not 'back related'... shoulder, shin, knee, elbow and wrist.

Richard, Active Weight Trainer