Natalie Capaldi

Weight Management

BSc (Hons) Health Sci
SCOPE Certified Weight Management Consultant

Natalie takes a highly personalised and multi-disciplinary approach to weight management. Having graduated with an honours degree in Health Sciences, she went on to achieve the Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education, and is imminently completing her master's degree in Nutritional Medicine.

Re-kindling a guilt-free passion of food takes centre stage in her tailored 'design your diet' weight-loss program. By additionally correcting any myths and misinformation learned from past dieting efforts, the ultimate aim is to provide a thorough education to all clients. Not only to confidently plan and prepare delicious meals, but to also stand knowledgeable and resilient against conflicting advice and harmful diet culture.

Natalie believes health and well-being are an integral part of weight-management, and promotes sustainability by incorporating each client's tastes, abilities and lifestyle into every individual diet plan.

This level of personalisation and support is statistically the greatest predictor of long-term weight loss, and is the missing piece from most out-of-the-box diets. Covering an extensive range of topics including metabolism, the gut microbiome and hunger hormones, she is sure to get to the root of the problem and find a suitable solution.

Contact between sessions (via a dedicated online portal), and delicious tailored recipes are all included in the hourly fee. It usually takes 6 sessions to complete the course, and ongoing support can of course be continued for accountability.

This time serves to address not only the physical, but also the mental barriers to weight-loss, and to gradually establish small changes to forever improve your health. No arbitrary restriction, food demonization nor bland, unappetizing meals are found in this evidence-based approach. Additionally whether you want to weigh-in, track food or take up exercise is entirely your prerogative. There are no rules here, as flexibility is key.

Natalie's weight-management sessions are ideally suited to those who appreciate discretion and professional expertise. If you feel you have tried everything and are disillusioned by the mainstream diet industry, then this is the program to find a more effective and enjoyable path to good health.

New for Summer 2019

For those short on time, or unable to attend regular appointments, there is now the option of attending a Fast-Track personalised service!

You'll receive information as to how to navigate all of the crazy and confusing diet information out there, personal meals and snacks built just for you, a lesson in recipe tweaking, and an exploration of the reasons past efforts didn't work (so that you never make the same mistakes again).

You'll leave our extended session with your evidence-based personal plan of action, plus a week of additional support via our clinical messaging portal, just to make sure you're on the right track.

Session Fees

Initial session (45mins): £30
Follow Up session (1 hour): £50
Fast-Track Session (90 mins): £99