Get the results you want with our Weight Management Consultant…

Get the results you want with our Weight Management Consultant...

Monday 7th January 2019

When did eating become so frustrating and complicated? Our Weight Management expert Natalie Capaldi would be delighted to work with you to achieve the results that you want.

Natalie believes health and well-being are an integral part of weight-management and promotes sustainability by incorporating each client's tastes, abilities and lifestyle into every individual diet plan.

This level of personalisation and support is statistically the greatest predictor of long-term weight loss, and is the missing piece from most out-of-the-box diets. Covering an extensive range of topics including metabolism, the gut microbiome and hunger hormones, Natalie is sure to get to the root of the problem and find a suitable solution.

Natalie is truly an expert in her field and having graduated with an honours degree in Health Sciences, she has also gone on to achieve the Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education and is imminently completing her master's degree in Nutrional Medicine. To read Natalie's full biography, click here!