Are you suffering with Party / Shopping Feet?

Are you suffering with Party / Shopping Feet?

Thursday 20th December 2018
Yvonne Morris

Party Feet? Shopped Out Feet? AKA Plantar Fasciitis!
Here's a few tips to relieve symptoms and help you keep with the Christmas Festivities.

Fascia, stretches from heel to toe and can become inflamed due to being on your feet for prolonged periods in unsupportive footwear. So while you are trudging around the shops dancing the night away in those sparkly high heels (ladies!) take some time to love your feet.

Reflexologist Zoe will help soothe tired party feet or indeed, Jon, Fiona or myself can help stretch those calves and alleviate the tightness.
1. Stretch your calves and feet
2. Roll a tennis ball underneath the ball of your feet
3. Ice your arches
4. Take Ibuprofen
5. Use insoles for support